JDNA Born Digital News Content Personas

Research backed personas used to help shape the course of research and product development.

audience 1 - Jonathan Wilson
audience 2 - Melody Jackson
audience 3 - Robert Smith
audience 4 - Kim Hoskins


Jonathan Wilson

Melody Jackson

Robert Smith

Kim Hoskins

Job Title

Communications Professor



Public Health Professor


"When using a specific search engine for a news website, mostly I have found those to not be user friendly and I have had a difficult time finding the thing I'm looking for."

"I'm not going to subscribe to a newspaper just to look up information on my friends. I don't want to pay for 6 months' worth of content."

"I had to look up obituary stuff for work and usually the first place you go is a small community newspaper"

"I have searched newspaper archives for labor violations such as digging around for cases of food safety and fines."


  • Columbia Tribune
  • Hometown News
  • Missourian Online
  • St. Augustine Times
  • Social Media
  • Research

  • Local newspapers
  • Library databases to serve patrons

  • I read news content from small newspapers to locate information on local inventors and their stories.
  • I am provided access to digital news content by my law firm.
  • I read news on my Amazon Kindle in the mornings.

  • Columbia Tribune
  • Social Media
  • Hometown Rural Newspaper

Types of Born Digital Information Accessed

Demand for Content (Top 5)

  • Obituaries
  • Crimes/Events
  • Genealogy
  • Classified Information
  • 19th Century News

Demand for Content (Top 5)

  • Community events & news
  • Genealogy Research
  • Photos (recent and archival)
  • Local Politics
  • Crime Rates and
  • Demographic Information

Demand for Content (Top 5)

  • Obituaries
  • Bankruptcies
  • Foreclosures
  • Local News

Demand for Content (Top 5)

  • Articles for research on human trafficking and migrant workers, and also for personal browsing, such as news articles.
  • Research Topics for School
  • Job Listings

Ways to Access Born Digital Content

  • Google Search
  • Academic/Public Libraries
  • Free Born Digital Sites
  • Local Newspaper
  • Websites

  • Google
  • Library search engine

  • Local newspaper website
  • Access to trade publications provided by law firm

  • Google search
  • Pages from social
  • media sites

Access Workaround (Alternate Method)

  • Google Search
  • Public Library

  • Library Online Databse

  • Trade Publications Online and Print

  • State Historical Society
  • Print Newspapers

Preferred Format

  • HTML looks uncluttered and is easier to read; I don't mind PDF format if it isn't cluttered and there are no ads; Text online (I don't like videos); I like easy sharing options - it's too time-consuming to have to hunt for the share option; I like advanced search to narrow my results - I'm always pressed for time.

  • PDF (likes seeing original layout of newspaper article)
  • HTML (okay if only format available)
  • "It's the information that is a priority for my patrons and for me."

  • PDF (looks more like a newspaper article, which is more familiar)
  • HTML (not the same "feel" as a Pdf, but wouldn't matter if only format available)

  • PDF (likes uncluttered look)
  • Html (likes however because it is easier to copy and paste into own work)


  • Grant Funded: 5%
  • Personal Use: Free

  • Library: Whatever is budgeted
  • Personal Use: Free

  • Free : Law firm provides access

  • Personal use: $30 - $50/year